S3 Security

(Investor and Board Member)

S3 Security is a forward thinking growth stage-company in the physical security sector, servicing residential and commercial real estate clients in North Florida (Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Tallahassee). A venture capital backed entity, we’re tech-enabling a centuries old services industry by offering real-time video surveillance, mobile vehicle patrol services, armed officers, state-of-the-art report technologies, and other on-site security services. S3 Security is the largest Integrated Guarding provider in North Florida, servicing over 75,000 residents. S3 Security is a fast growing business with a vibrant, merit based, culture and dedicated to being the next generation of tech-enabled security services that customers need in today’s environment.

WideEye Surveillance

(Investor and Board Member)

WideEye Surveillance delivers an innovative approach to crime prevention in the security services sector. Our 24/7/365 approach, located in a state-of-art enterprise-grade data center, ensures a secure environment protecting people and investments while minimizing the financial burden of safeguarding your most valuable assets. Real-time monitoring provides security and/or law enforcement officers the tools to stop crimes before they happen. WideEye integrates with most pre-existing camera/monitoring infrastructure and costs much less than a traditional security guard.

Hexagon Security

(Investor and Board Member)

Hexagon Security is pioneering Integrated Guarding throughout the Southeast United States headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Hexagon provides a tailored approach to clients in Multi-Family Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Student Housing, Homeowners Associations, and Community Improvement Districts. This business model combines the latest technology in real-time video monitoring and embedded patrol services to implement community-oriented policing strategies. This combination has allowed Hexagon to become the leading security residential patrol provider in Atlanta, GA.

Asset Overwatch Services

(Investor and Board Member)

Asset Overwatch Services (AOS) provides customized Integrated Guarding security solutions for large-scale residential and commercial real estate developments throughout the Southeast United States. Leveraging technology as a force multiplier while implementing fanatical customer service has leveraged the company to become a boutique industry leader. AOS supports multi-site real estate ownership groups by leveraging technology and managed services to deliver best in class resources ensuring an effective yet practical security solution.

Knightscope, Inc.

(Investor Preferred Equity Series M Round)

Founded in 2013, as a Silicon Valley start-up, Knightscope utilizes artificial intelligence to predict and prevent crime using autonomous robots. Kightscope offers alternative security solutions where human capital can be more effective deployed elsewhere. The versatile robots (K1, K3, K5, and K7) provide physical security solutions “Hardware + Software + Humans” to reduce costs by providing a 24/7 force multiplier effect as well as advanced anomaly detection capabilities.

Forte Defense

(Investor and Board Member)

Forte Defense delivers reality based training experiences, specifically designed for active shooter and corporate threats. Forte’s mission customizes practical yet progressive training programs facilitated by Tier 1 military and law enforcement operators. Forte delivers memorable training experiences by coaching students to break the status-quo, our innovative approach applies decision-making neuroscience methodology to quickly eliminate threats. Students will immediately take-away and put into use these best practices enhancing not only their personal safety, but the safety of their family, home, business assets, and members of the local community.

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